My love affair with fashion is not quite your typical fairytale. At the age of 10, my dream was to become the fastest woman on earth. But during my path to success on running track, I also gained recognition for the signature hairstyle: cornrows with vibrant barrettes — my foray into the art of making a fashion statement. 

 After nine good years of running with the wind, I hung up my running shoes to focus more on my new love-- fashion. My style senses were sharpened through innumerable tours to places far and wide — whether pounding the flashy streets of New York City or hobnobbing with DC's best dressed — and my ability to harmonize with distinct cultures, both domestically and internationally. This led me to work in various roles including, fashion and product styling, visual merchandising, event planning, costume design, media, magazine editorials, and creative direction. 

Despite a love for style, the mantra I live by; My Raison D'etre: Fashion. Create. Inspire. I believe, "Our creations are extensions of ourselves. They carry our energies and our intentions out into the world." When a multifaceted individual thrives their way and creates a personal brand out of a passion for a purpose based on their unique lifestyle and expertise; the resulting product manifests a personal vision, MikaraReid.com. With a worldly sense of what works, what feels good, and how to possess that overall aura intricately woven into the life of this creative free-spirit, I am eager to continue venturing into different avenues that align with my mission: 


 Thanks for stopping by! - Mikara Reid ... xo

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